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Monday, January 05, 2004


Updates on current and past projects:

The stout went over reasonably well at New Years, but remains slightly more flat that I'd like. I think in future batches I'll try to overcarbonate but use a pressure relief bung so that the mini kegs retain proper shape rather than try to turn into alcoholic party grenades as with the cider.

The Cyser and Cherry Melomel continue to both age nicely, as does the 2002 mead batch. As the guru at the brew shop once said:

"A homebrew wine is 'ready' to drink when you open the last bottle."

Wise words, indeed.

The raspberry is likely ready for final rack and then sweeten and bottle. Has been for months. I just hope that the sediment it's sitting on isn't giving an off taste. Shouldn't, but one never knows.

Other than that, things are quiet in the brewhaus. Two kits sit as of yet unused (stout #2 and an Irish red) as well as the materials for a fine strawberry melomel.

It's time for the yearly cyser batch, and I should be putting that down this weekend. I think I'll probably be skipping out on some other activities to hang about the house and get some stuff done with regards to the otherwise idle projects.
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